Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is nothing like your grandmother’s bingo hall. In fact, many online bingo rooms of today are apropos to the hip and flashy online casinos and poker rooms better known to attract the “younger” crowd. In other words, online bingo isn’t just for the snow birds. Diversity and social interaction is indeed one of the primary elements that turn curious online bingo speculators into loyal bingo fans. Coupled with regular promotions, tournaments and free bonus money, there are plenty of good reasons to play online bingo and begin racking up comp points.Continue Reading

Playing Online Bingo for Money

Playing Bingo is so familiar to most of us that just the thought of supposedly need to “learn” how to play Bingo seems kind of silly. What 6 year old can’t sing the bingo song and find matching numbers with their corresponding letters? It’s so simple there is no need to go into the details, right? Well, that might have been true when we were all kids and in Mrs. Flagstone’s 3rd grade class, but now there is a lot more to be discussed and clarified.Continue Reading