Win Real Money with Online Slot Machines

Just as you will find banks of slot machines in the land-based casino, online slots make up the largest offering available at online casinos. They are the bread winner for the casino, and for a small percentage of players, are a life changer. Online slot machines – especially those with real money progressive jackpots – can pay off nicely. How nicely? Let’s just say that online gamblers have walked away from the slots as millionaire’s on more than one occasion. And therein lies one of the keys to winning at the slots – knowing when to walk away. The fact of the matter is that real money slot machines come with a high House Edge. They can eat up a bankroll in a matter of seconds, yet can just as quickly multiply a bankroll with a single spin.Continue Reading

Play Slots Online Free

If you are looking to play free slots, the internet is a great starting point. In fact, it’s probably the only starting point. You certainly won’t find free slots at brick ‘n mortar casinos. As for the internet, most online casinos offer both a real money software platform and a “fun money” or practice version of the software that can be played with no obligation to make a deposit. It always makes good sense to test out the fun money version before playing with real money.Continue Reading

How to Play Online Roulette

Game Objective and Rules:

The objective of Roulette is simple: Guess which number the ball will rest on. Granted, with 37 (0-36) different numbers (38 if Playing the Double Zero American version) to choose from, getting the objective done is more of a complex task, which all depends on the type of wagers made, and of course, some luck.Continue Reading

Play Roulette Online Free

One of the quickest and easiest ways to start playing free roulette is at an online casino offering a fun-money software platform, which needless to say, is generally always available at most real money online casinos. A simple game to learn, roulette consists of betting on the outcome of a metal ball spun inside a roulette wheel.Continue Reading

Play Craps Online Free

If you like rolling the dice and betting with better-than-average odds, craps just may be your game. Like slots and roulette, craps is a game of chance and can be played for free at just about every online casino. Players bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice and can win a lot of fast money on a hot streak. Indeed, Craps is rightfully characterized as a fast paced game that is equally exciting and entertaining. Even online, Craps will keep you on your toes…and all things considered, put less strain on your bankroll.Continue Reading

How to Play Craps

Before playing craps, it’s important to become familiar with the setup of the playing table and all of the bets offered. Granted, the most strategic of craps players will keep to a select minimum of bets available, however, by knowing more about the bets that shouldn’t be made, and why they shouldn’t be made, one will have a deeper understanding of the game, not to mention the confidence needed to roll the dice in the first place.Continue Reading

Play Free Keno Online

Generally speaking, the betting interface at online keno is the same for different software platforms. However, the look and feel of the game can vary. For example, in the game displayed below. there is no actual animation of balls being drawn during the course of play, whereas in Microgaming Software’s version of online keno, an animation of flying balls is employed to show which numbers on the keno card have been hit. In the end, most players do not have a preference, other than getting the best payout possible.Continue Reading

Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is nothing like your grandmother’s bingo hall. In fact, many online bingo rooms of today are apropos to the hip and flashy online casinos and poker rooms better known to attract the “younger” crowd. In other words, online bingo isn’t just for the snow birds. Diversity and social interaction is indeed one of the primary elements that turn curious online bingo speculators into loyal bingo fans. Coupled with regular promotions, tournaments and free bonus money, there are plenty of good reasons to play online bingo and begin racking up comp points.Continue Reading

Playing Online Bingo for Money

Playing Bingo is so familiar to most of us that just the thought of supposedly need to “learn” how to play Bingo seems kind of silly. What 6 year old can’t sing the bingo song and find matching numbers with their corresponding letters? It’s so simple there is no need to go into the details, right? Well, that might have been true when we were all kids and in Mrs. Flagstone’s 3rd grade class, but now there is a lot more to be discussed and clarified.Continue Reading

Online Blackjack for Money

Playing blackjack for money is readily available on the internet. In fact, just about every online casino has multiple versions of blackjack available for download or instant Flash play. Some online casinos are even offering Blackjack for money on smart phones. However, before you just sign up with any online casino offering real money wagers at the blackjack table, you need to do your due diligence (or at least have somebody do it for you). That said, rest assured you will get a safe and fair Blackjack hand at the real money blackjack casinos recommended on this page.Continue Reading