Texas Holdem Satellite Tournaments

During the last few years Satellite Tournaments are becoming more and more popular. Participating in these tournaments, instead of cash prize, you receive a seat at larger tournaments. Taking part in Satellite Tournaments, many Texas Holdem players win seats at World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour. This kind of tournaments is also a qualifier for the large online Texas Holdem tournaments. Usually all Texas Holdem Satellite Tournaments start when 9 poker players are seated at the table and it means that this tournament is a single-table tournament. But there is one difference between Satellite Tournaments and the other single-table tournaments – in Satellites only the winner takes the whole prize and there are no second and third place prizes. Continue Reading

Sit and Go Texas Holdem Tournaments

Sit & Go Tournaments are single table tournaments, in which up to ten poker players can participate. These online tournaments begin when all seats are filled and last usually an hour. For this reason they are often called fast tournaments. In almost every online poker room both Limit and No Limit Texas Holdem Sit & Go tournaments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can participate in such tournament whenever you want. At the end of a Sit & Go Texas Holdem Tournament the top three players are awarded with cash prizes.Continue Reading

Texas Holdem Freeroll Tournaments

Every beginner in Texas Holdem poker needs to play for free first in order to learn the rules, starting hands and basic strategy of the game. The best places to play for free are the online poker rooms. As there are so many poker rooms on the Internet it will not be difficult for you to find a place, where you can play free Texas Holdem.Continue Reading

Texas Holdem World Poker Tour

Many Texas Holdem players from all around the world know that the World Poker Tour is a very popular television show in the United States. On 30 of March 2003, on the Travel Channel the first episode of World Poker Tour was broadcast and today you can enjoy this great show every Wednesday at 9 pm. Every week million viewers enjoy this popular show and watch how poker players from all around the earth win big amounts of money. As there are so many Texas Holdem players in the United States and all around the world, the World Poker Tour is probably the most successful show in the history of the Travel Channel. Continue Reading

Texas Holdem Hand Odds

For every Texas Holdem player learning to calculate his odds is one of the most important things in the game. In order to compute your Hand Odds you need to know how many outs your hand has. You probably know that the Outs are the unseen cards in the playing deck, which will help you to improve your hand. When you know how many Outs you have, you can calculate your Hand Odds very easy. If you are a beginning player in Texas Holdem poker game, you need first to learn the hand rankings, because without knowing the strength of your hand you will never be able to figure out your Hand Odds. Continue Reading

Texas Holdem Pot Odds

Texas Holdem game is a variant of poker and it means that above all it is a game of skills and luck. In order to become a successful Texas Holdem player you will need not only to learn the rules of the game, but also to master calculating your outs and odds. To be able to calculate your hand odds you have to know how many outs your hand has. Outs in Texas Holdem poker game are the unseen cards left in the deck, which will improve your hand. Hand odds are the probabilities of making a hand when you play poker. Every professional Texas Holdem player takes the odds into account when deciding whether to play his hand. Continue Reading

What is the World Series Of Poker

World Series of Poker is the most popular poker tournament in the whole world and certainly every poker player wants to participate and become the winner. This great event was first played in 1949 and it was a game between two of the best poker players of the time – Nicholas Dandolos and Johnny Moss. At the end of this first WSOP tournament, where the game was No-Limit Texas Holdem poker, Johnny Moss won the $2,000,000 real cash prize. As this event had great success during 1949, 21 years later – in 1970, the World Series of Poker was recreated and made its official debut. For the second time Johnny Moss took part in this tournament and won the title World Champion. Continue Reading

Blackjack Mini Glossary

Anyone who plays casino games, especially the land-based variety, has probably noticed that these games have a certain lingo that goes along with them.  This is also the case with online game play and even some of the books you may read about casino games.  Each game has its own specific lingo and if you’re a newbie, it can make for a rather frustrating experience.  Blackjack is a big hit in both real-world and online casinos, so if this is your game, you will want to check out this short glossary on some of the most common terminology.

Blackjack First and foremost, blackjack equates to 21 and represents the object of the game. If your cards add up to 21, a blackjack normally pays out 3 to 2 unless the dealer also hits.Continue Reading

Online Slots with Wild Symbols

Similar to many other casino games, the wild symbol in slots can serve as a substitute for another symbol to give you a winning combination. More than any other, slots are games centered around specific themes. In many cases the wild symbol is usually the theme’s most important symbol and therefore, a key aspect to the overall game.Continue Reading

Win Real Money with Online Slot Machines

Just as you will find banks of slot machines in the land-based casino, online slots make up the largest offering available at online casinos. They are the bread winner for the casino, and for a small percentage of players, are a life changer. Online slot machines – especially those with real money progressive jackpots – can pay off nicely. How nicely? Let’s just say that online gamblers have walked away from the slots as millionaire’s on more than one occasion. And therein lies one of the keys to winning at the slots – knowing when to walk away. The fact of the matter is that real money slot machines come with a high House Edge. They can eat up a bankroll in a matter of seconds, yet can just as quickly multiply a bankroll with a single spin.Continue Reading